Tom Cruise Injured Filming High-Altitude Stunt For 'Mission: Impossible 6'


Syracuse native Tom Cruise appears to have injured himself while filming a stunt for his next "Mission: Impossible" sequel.

As Radar's video of the superstar actor shows, he performed the risky stunt on Sunday but wound up limping afterwards after landing hard.

Tom Cruise is known for performing his own stunts in movies, but the danger is completely real.

He tried to leap from a rigging next to one building onto another building. He came in just a few inches short of clearing it, which is when the lower half of his body collided with the side of the building.

After hoisting himself onto the building, Cruise limps before collapsing near crew members. After he finished the take, Cruise is seen limping, though he was able to rappel back to the building he jumped from.

The extent of his injuries are unclear at this time.

We won't be seeing the new Mission Impossible movie until summer 2018 and it promises to be exactly the same as the previous 5 Mission Impossible movies! Also starring are Henry Cavill, Rebecca Ferguson, Angela Bassett and Alec Baldwin. We wish Tom Cruise the best, and hope he recovers quickly.

Meanwhile, producer David Ellison previously revealed that Cruise has been "training for a year" for his role in "Mission: Impossible 6".