Nashville is throwing a party for the solar eclipse


While seeing this partial eclipse will be a spectacle, if you want to see the total eclipse and don't mind traveling, you have some options.

What happens during a solar eclipse?

Don't look at the sun during the eclipse or at any other time through an unfiltered camera, telescope, binoculars or other optical device, even if wearing eclipse glasses or a solar viewer.

Solar filters that are safe produce a view of the sun that is comfortably bright, in focus and surrounded by black sky. It will appear as an upward-pointing arc, like the top of a fingernail. Places within the penumbra - the moon's partial shadow - will see a partial eclipse.

Books-a-Million has them for 1.99 a pieceSold out as of August 11• 7-11 has them in stock for 2.99 for a 2-pack, at nearly all their locations • Best BuySold out as of August 11• Kroger None available at any local location • Lowes - Staunton location has limited quantities available, sold out in Harrisonburg • Walmart - Eclipse glasses available for $1 nationwide, but some locations soldout, as listed below: - Port Republic Neighborhood Market - Still available - Timberville - Still available - Waynesboro Neighborhood Market - Still available - Waynesboro - Still available - Moorefield - Still available - Luray, Burgess Road, Rt. Normally during daylight conditions, the iris contracts so that only a small amount of light passes through the lens and then reaches the retina. The total eclipse occurs over a 70 mile wide band from OR to SC, which does not include Indiana. In Fenton, the eclipse will start at approximately 1 p.m., and peak viewing time will be at 2:26 p.m. Commencing at 10:15 a.m. PDT (1:15 p.m. EDT), a lunar shadow 73 miles wide will take one hour and 33 minutes to travel from OR on the west coast to SC on the east, allowing continuous observation for 90 minutes.

However, many people have fallen victim to phone eclipse glasses that won't actually protect your eyes.

The horizon: Look at the horizon during the eclipse, which will be lighted up like a 360-degree sunset. It will end in Charleston, South Carolina at 2:48 p.m.

How can I look at it safely?

"Make sure to help children to use solar filters and eclipse glasses properly", Dr. Ronold Tesch said.

If you want to take photos of the eclipse, you will first need to learn about its path, the best viewing spots and the times where it will be the most complete.

Hopefully you're a fan of road-tripping, as flights to Nashville from Pittsburgh are around $400 or more to get there in time for the eclipse.

There are usually six or seven total solar eclipses per decade, somewhere in the world. More than 1,000 photographers, astronomers and the general public will collect images of the total solar eclipse and the two teams will "stitch these media assets together". The Great American Solar Eclipse will run from coast to coast and be the first of 3 spectacular eclipses that will occur in the United States over the coming quarter century. That eclipse took a somewhat similar path as this month's will, from OR to Florida. A live web stream of the solar eclipse, as seen from other locations in the USA, will also be shown during eclipse time.

Though the total eclipse won't be visible from our state, Hawaiʻi residents can still enjoy a partial eclipse. The 2045 eclipse will track from northern California to Florida.

The next eclipse that will put the Golden Triangle, and much of north MS, in the path of totality will happen on August 12, 2045. However, the sun happens to be 400 times farther away from Earth than the moon, making the sun and moon appear to be almost the same size from our perspective. Twice a year, the moon's orbit crosses that sun-Earth plane, which astronomers call the ecliptic, but that doesn't usually coincide with the new moon.

Unfortunately, because the human eye still sees the world as, "sunny", even if the majority of the sun is blocked by the moon, we'll miss the show if it's overcast in Houston, or in any location across the majority of the country.

Nelson moved to Kentucky 15 years ago and one of the deciding factors was where could he live that would put him close to the eclipse path.

What's already arrived, though, are a slew of cool videos to get you in the "ecliptical" state of mind.