Game Of Thrones 'Spoils of War' served up a major cliffhanger


Warning: There are major Game of Thrones spoilers ahead, so if you've not watched the fourth episode of its seventh season, The Spoils Of War, then please don't read on.

He was behind "The Spoils of War", and the ominously-named upcoming episode "Eastwatch". When meeting his sister Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) once more, he didn't tell her any of the important information he had discovered, instead opting to let her know how lovely she looked on the night she was raped.

The significance of the photo above is mostly that it offers you a chance to see Cersei Lannister seemingly recovering from some of the news that she's heard from the battleground. And will Tyrion regain the confidence of Daenerys?

The epic clash saw Daenerys unleash fire and dragon for the first time in Westeros; an action that got Twitter excited. But if she doesn't seem happy, this photo of a miserable Tyrion shows just how hard this carnage was for him personally.

The Dothraki's movements are also very similar to those of horse-riding clans, so they took inspiration from movies like Mongol to have the Dothraki shouting several battle cries and wielding similar weapons.

If we hadn't seen the preview, we'd have assumed that the upcoming episode would prove to be quite boring.

As for whether or not he's right, we'll probably find out in a few episodes one way or another.

Just as Daenerys is desperate to turn the tide of battle, Jon Snow too is desperate to win allies to his cause.

Viewers believed that they'd have to wait a full week to learn Jaime's fate. Or he would be in kings landing living with a different name. In a way, Sam was the one who made the historic meeting between Danny and Jon happen, with his revelation that dragonglass is buried under a mountain in Dragonstone.

Were Jon Snow and Dany flirting?

The photos come after the trailer for Eastwatch showed that the Night King (Vladimir Furdik) and his army of the undead were perilously close to the Wall and ready to cross into the Seven Kingdoms.