China president wants closeness with ASEAN nations


Chinese state media said North Korea had to be punished for its missile tests, but criticized the us for its "arrogance" Monday.

China government earlier cited the role of the ASEAN community in contributing to regional peace, prosperity and stability in the region.

"China-Asean ties have become one of the most vigorous and enriched dialogue partnerships of Asean", Xi added.

"The leaders committed to fully implement all relevant resolutions and to urge the worldwide community to do so as well", the statement added. 'What really matters is that the foreign minister of North Korea is here so he has the chance to listen to the views of various parties regarding the situation on the Korean Peninsula'.

The resolution would ban Pyongyang's exports of coal, iron, iron ore, lead, lead ore and seafood.

"The bellicose North Korean leader" Kim Jong-un has not been moved by sanctions, according to the board.

The two were reported to have shaken hands at an official dinner event held by the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations).

"We all want peace but if they don't want to open any door, if they do not give us the light at the end of the tunnel, what can we do but support the rest of the world", he said.

But North Korea is not in a conciliatory mood. Write to us in the Comments Section.

North Korea has made no secret of its plans to develop a nuclear-tipped missile capable of striking the United States, and has ignored worldwide calls to halt its nuclear and missile programmes.

"The Philippines, in building trust and mutual respect with China, is asking China to understand us".

Lavrov told reporters that he believed the United States would continue a dialogue with Russian Federation despite what both sides have described as the worst tensions since the Cold War ended.

Cayetano said: "Japan, Australia, and the U.S. are our friends".

Wang said Tillerson's "Four Nos" promise was a positive signal. The global community is firmly united in opposing the North's emergence as a nuclear state. China has resisted America's strong push to cut off oil deliveries, arguing that dialogue with North Korea is the only way to persuade Pyongyang to halt its missile programs. "Very happy and impressed with 15-0 United Nations vote on North Korea sanctions".

Cayetano responded on Tuesday that although the three countries were "our friends. we will decide what is good for us".

The successful testing of two ICBMs last month suggested the reclusive North was making technical progress, Japan's annual Defence White Paper warned. "They have accomplished more than that", she said. China is North Korea's most important ally.

Pyongyang's top envoy has so far avoided the media in Manila.

"This is really about the spirit of these talks, and they (North Korea) can demonstrate that they're ready to sit with a spirit of finding a way forward in these talks by no longer conducting these missile tests".