Celebrities Weigh In On Taylor Swift's Trial On Twitter


Former DJ David Mueller denies groping Swift at a 2013 Denver event and sued her, saying the allegation got him fired.

However the ruling by U.S. District Judge William Martinez left Swift's counter-suit against Mueller, which alleges sexual assault, in tact. He's seeking up to $3 million, saying the allegation cost him his job and reputation.

Testimony has resumed in a civil trial over whether Taylor Swift was groped by a former radio DJ.

On Friday, Swift's bodyguard, Greg Dent, testified against Mueller and said that he witnessed the alleged assault.

The alleged assault occurred in 2013 during a Denver stopover on the singer's Red tour. Taylor Swift is claiming that Mueller grabbed her just beneath her skirt and one of her security guards witnessed it.

"He stayed attached to my bare ass-cheek as I lurched away from him", she testified. "A very long grab", she added in her testimony. She also said that she was doing this as an example for young victims of sexual assault around the world. "I was visibly uncomfortable", Swift said, according to an Us Weekly reporter who was in the courtroom on Thursday.

Swift said that she didn't say anything at that time because she was so intimidatingly shocked, and didn't take the issue to court before being sued because she didn't want it to define her career.

She said she and Mueller started out as co-workers at country station KYGO-FM and became romantically involved in February 2013, a few months before the concert.

In the image, shown to jurors during opening statements but not publicly released, Mueller's hand is behind Swift, just below her waist.