American tourist is beaten up after performing Nazi salute in Germany


When one such drunken dumbass, an American, started throwing out the stiff-armed Nazi salute in downtown Dresden, he got what he deserved: a swift punch.

The Independent are reporting that the 41 year old sustained minor injuries after the assault which occurred at 8.15am on Saturday morning.

Police said the USA national is under investigation for violating German laws prohibiting Nazi symbols and that they are still seeking the passerby for causing personal injury, according to the Associated Press.

The tourist also had the insignia of "unconstitutional organizations, which includes Nazi symbols".

The American was detained by German police.

An American tourist was punched by a passerby in Germany for displaying a Nazi salute several times.

The assailant, who has not been found, faces charges of causing bodily harm, it added. At the police station, the man registered a 0.276 percent blood alcohol level. The name of the tourist was withheld for privacy reasons.

It's the second time this month that tourists have gotten themselves into legal trouble for giving the Nazi salute. The tourists were released after each posted bail, roughly $589 a piece. "Don't do it anywhere in fact".