Michael Jordan: Kobe Bryant ranks ahead of LeBron James


A young fan asked Jordan, "Would you rank LeBron over Kobe right now?"

It's the argument that never seems to die, no matter how many times it takes place.

Six-time National Basketball Association champion and former Chicago Bulls shooting guard Michael Jordan recently answered a question from a young fan regarding the never-ending debate amongst LeBron James and Kobe Bryant fans.

In 2013, Jordan told NBA TV that Bryant's five championship rings put him above James, who had one at that time.

To which Jordan replied, "Would I rank LeBron over Kobe in terms of...best of all-time? No. No", Jordan said when answering a question from a camper at his Flight School in Santa Barbara, California earlier this week. But M.J. says there's at least one player who's still in front of James: Former Lakers great Kobe Bryant.

For Michael Jordan, the logic is simple: Five beats three.

The other thing that may still be working against James is his overall Finals record, going 3-5 in title series. LeBron has been the best player in the league for almost a decade. Some questions provided interesting responses, like who's his favorite artist (Jordan said for the moment, it's Drake), who was the hardest player he guarded (NBA Hall of Famer Isaiah Thomas).