Donald Trump: Scottish independence would be awful - you'd lose the British Open


"They'd no longer have the British Open".

Probed for more details on when a pact might be signed, Trump said: "As soon as it's appropriate to have it kick in". Mr Trump has a number of financial interests in Scotland, including the much-fought over golf course on the coast of Aberdeenshire.

However, the president's avowed eagerness may be misplaced - both the May government and Robert Lighthizer, Trump's own United States trade representative, have strived to reduce expectations of an imminent trade deal between the two countries.

Mr Trump also voiced concern about whether a second Scottish independence referendum could have an impact on the British Open golf championship. "It's very interesting. It's like, nope", the president said according to a transcript of the interview published by Politico on Tuesday. They just went through hell, ' he said. I have a very good relationship with the prime minister.

Mr Trump attacked Brussels bureaucrats for shielding certain industries from foreign competition through sizeable import taxes. You don't see it.

The billionaire property mogul, 71, also told the Wall Street Journal that he wanted to be "very involved" with the United Kingdom, just days after International Trade Secretary Liam Fox travelled to America to talk-up a post-Brexit free trade agreement between the nations. "You know, our farmers and others can't even deal with - you know, you can't sell in ... the European Union was conceived to the point that they wanted to do something to compete with the United States".

"We have a very good relationship". It's very unfair. And that's what I've been talking about for a long time. You know, I did - I did thing that nobody even wrote about. But it's very protectionist.

Figures from the pro-independence Scottish National Party told BuzzFeed News they were confident that, rather than harming their cause, Trump's comments will boost support for independence due to his unpopularity in Scotland.

The US president also made clear he wasn't a fan of the bloc, on the basis it is "very, very protectionist" - he claimed US farmers have difficulty selling their products to the continent due to EU regulations, while no such barriers to European products existed Stateside.

He said: "Opposition to Donald Trump in Scotland has been well known, from resistance to his golf courses in Aberdeen, to mass demonstrations against his Muslim ban which took place earlier in the year. And it'll be a big trade deal - much, much more business than we do right now, many, many times".