Subway service resumes with 'extensive' delays after trash fire at Harlem station


It's another Monday in paradise, and the subway is snarled with delays thanks to a track fire at 145th Street.

An FDNY spokesperson reported that trash on the train tracks caught fire at about 7:25 a.m. If you commute on the A, B, C, D or 4 train you're probably either trembling with relief at your desk or reading this evergreen blog post from your underground purgatory. It suspended service on the B and C lines, and partially suspended A and D train service.

The track fire comes as the MTA prepares to start a second straight week of FASTRACK repairs on the line. Some were taken for hospital examinations, but no serious injuries were reported. The MTA also cut power and instructed riders to remain in the trains.

Twitter user Tamara Hansson tweeted, "Now me and several hundred other people are walking to the 145th 1 train".

There is no train service between Bedford Pk Blvd and Brighton Beach in both directions. The fire was contained by 9:30 a.m., but as a result of the incident there were no trains running on the alphabet line beyond 125th Street for a while.

There is no train service between Euclid Av and 168 St in both directions. Customers are advised to use M3 or M4 buses making nearby station stops.