Speeding driver goes airborne, lands SUV on house roof, officials say


Bruce Redding returned home from the gym Sunday afternoon to find an SUV on his roof and much of the front of his house destroyed.

Dep. Chief Arras said neighbors complained that people drive too fast through the neighborhood all the time and even told him that there was another time that a auto landed on the roof of a home in that neighborhood, but the teenage driver was able to walk away. The driver of the vehicle suffered lower body injuries and at last report, was listed in critical condition.

East Alton, IL (KTRS) The Major Case Squad is investigating the death of an East Alton man. Investigators say the.

Firefighters used their ladder trucks to rescue the driver of the SUV, who drove up onto the homeowner's lawn before launching onto his roof. They said the solution is either to add speed bumps to slow the flow of traffic or see the intersection at Lillian and Mimika become a one-way street, to stop these crashes from happening in the first place.

Fire officials believe the driver sped down a neighboring street and hit a utility pole and a stop sign before hitting the hill and sending his vehicle airborne. "It was determined that it was viable".

The driver, who's not being identified at this time, was taken to a local hospital in critical condition.

"I had a vehicle smash, turn my railing off", Jones said.

Although Redding was was able to maneuver himself around in the living room after the crash the house may not be habitable again.