'Facebook putting ads on all its platforms for revenue'


The demand for advertisements from advertisers is more on Facebook and Twitter as the world is highly populated by ad-blocking through browsers.

Facebook revenue growth was expected to throttle back "significantly" this year as the social network runs out of room to post ads, Facebook's chief financial officer David Wehner said during an earnings call with analysts.

Facebook announced this feature should roll out by the end of the year.

This doesn't mean Facebook's business won't continue to grow. Like Google, the social network frequently experiments with new ideas, and groups of users are often used to beta test features. That's a lot of fresh eyeballs.

So if Facebook can't show people more ads in News Feed, and can't get unblocked in China, it needs to show them ads somewhere else. The ads will be seen on the front page while you open the app.

Facebook said it will begin a slow roll-out of ads, with a small percentage of users around the world seeing them pop up in their app within the next few weeks.

It started selling ads inside Instagram Stories.

Facebook seems set to start putting advertisements on all its platforms including WhatsApp if media reports are to be taken seriously. One such recent experiment saw the arrival of a new version of the timeline for some users via a rocket icon in the Facebook app.

Facebook, the current owner of Facebook has mentioned before that they will keep the service FREE. Or at least that's the hope. However, that has changed and the fee has been permanently removed, which means that WhatsApp is now totally free of charge.

But even if none of these new ad formats stick, Facebook already has another cash cow hiding in the background: Instagram. However, the big difference, of course, is the fact that you won't be able to buy products directly on Facebook through the ads.