Apple embraces zombies and elves for new emojis in iOS 11


Apple released a sample of the new set of emoji it will release later this year.

The company said it revealed some of the new emoji to help celebrate World Emoji Day.

Apple also notes the continued expansion of differing skin tones, stating that 'the new emoji make it easier for users to express themselves with greater diversity'.

Apple also previewed emoji for food items, such as a sandwich and a coconut.

Those emoji will not be available for Apple products until Apple actually adds support for Unicode 10, which includes designing its own artwork for each emoji.

The head of emoji website, "Emojipedia", and creator of World Emoji Day, Jeremy Burge told The Guardian which emojis he thinks will continue to be hits.

And that usually takes many months after a new standard is announced.

Apple just announced it will release a new set of emojis later in 2017, but did not disclose when, exactly, we'll be getting simple image-based ways to say "mind blown" or "I'm breastfeeding right now".