Abigail Joins Street Fighter V Later This Month


Street Fighter V is a touch disappointing, especially when compared to previous games in the series, so why not remind yourself of those earlier, happier days? Abigail will be the first bruiser of Final Fight origin to appear in SFV, though, which has thus far been populated by returning Street Fighter characters or entirely new ones. His arrival in Street Fighter V on July 25 will mark the first time that he appears in the franchise.

Releasing for season pass holders on July 25 alongside the Metro City Bar arena, Abigail will be the fourth of six planned DLC characters for Street Fighter 5 Season 2, and as you can see in the trailer below, he's just huge.

Alex will receive a costume that resembles his look in Street Fighter III, with longer hair and green trousers. On top of that, there is also going to be a new stage called the Metro City Bay Area.

According to the announcement, players will be getting Abigail on the 25th of July. Meanwhile, it remains unclear how the Suzaku Castle stage can be acquired.

While Hugo was without an iota of doubt massive, Abigail seems to be the biggest character to make an appearance in "Street Fighter" to date. A leaked list of the rest of SF5's Season 2 characters hit the web and it alluded to a Final Fight star being the next playable character.