French Army Marching Band Performs Daft Punk Medley for Bastille Day


We doubt he's even up all night for good fun, but nevertheless, the President of the United States got lucky in France today watching the Bastille Day celebrations.

France is a country, so to celebrate its national holiday, Bastille Day, it puts on a huge military parade.

The French army has celebrated Bastille Day in the most patriotic way imaginable: with a full blown Daft Punk medley on the Champs Elysees.

A French military band shared the spirit of trans-Atlantic co-operation during Donald Trump's visit to Paris on Friday by playing "Get Lucky", a collaboration between French electro-pop duo Daft Punk and American singer Pharrell Williams. "Macron looked like he was having the time of his life", Mashable reports. While French President Emmanuel Macron beamed with pride at the delightful notes of "Digital Love" and "One More Time", Trump was the picture of cluelessness.

Honestly, how could you help but smile?

There are many gaps in Donald Trump's knowledge.

Maybe Trump prefers Daft Punk's less commercial work and feels that brass band covers dilute the potency of electronic music, making a mockery of the genre.