Now Live Stream on Facebook With Spaces VR


Continuing VRFocus" look at the best virtual reality (VR) videogames to have been released over the course of 2017, it's time to move away from first-person shooters (FPS) and delve into two different worlds, one a sci-fi legend, with a legion of fans around the world who want to "boldly go' on a space adventure, of course it's Star Trek: Bridge Crew.

"Facebook Live is already one of the most immediate and interactive ways to share moments with friends", says Mike Booth, Head of Product Management, Facebook Spaces.

Facebook has announced that you can now go live on Facebook, directly from Spaces in VR. Those not in Facebook Spaces can watch and interact with the video, leaving comments and reacting in real time. You'll be able to see their reactions in VR and pull out specific comments so everyone in the space can interact with them.

Facebook Spaces is now in beta, but this definitely looks like an area Facebook is investing in heavily, so expect VR social spaces to grow quickly and the things you can do in those spaces to iterate even faster with community feedback. Along with Messenger video calling and selfies, it's an easy way to share your VR experiences and create lasting memories with everyone you care about.

More features will be added to this new function on Facebook Spaces VR which expands its potential to reach out to a wider audience and increase interactivity with the Facebook community.

That could change starting today though, as Oculus has significantly slashed the cost of both the Rift and Touch controllers. If you don't have a Rift yet, now is the flawless time to jump in!

The summer sale follows with this spring offering a price drop permanently, when the Rift and Touch as each became cheaper by $100.

Oculus Rift and Touch controllers are now on sale for a whopping $200 off, bringing the price to $399 on Amazon USA and £399 on Amazon UK.