National Football League teams will make $55 million each from Rams, Chargers, Raiders relocations


On Wednesday we found out just how powerful it is to call Los Angeles home.

According to ESPN, the teams will be paying massive sums, along with the Raiders, who made the move to Las Vegas.

Meanwhile, Rovell reports the 29 teams that are staying put will make $55.2 million each over an 11-year period. The Rams and Chargers franchises are on the hook for payments of $645 million each, with the Raiders franchise having to pay a relocation fee of $378 million.

If an National Football League owner wants to move their team to another city, that owner is forced to pay relocation teams to all the other teams in the NFL. Neither the Rams nor the Chargers will receive revenue from the Los Angeles relocation fees.

The Chargers and Rams don't get a share from each other for the L.A. move, but they will get a share of the Raiders' fee. While the city of Oakland has said that they want the Raiders out as soon as possible, the Raiders need to wait for their stadium in Las Vegas to be built before they can move.

After falling outside the top 50 in the rankings past year with a valuation of $1.4 billion, the Rams soared all the way to No. 12 on the 2017 list at $2.9 billion. They played their first season back in Los Angeles in 2016 and paid $650 million in relocation fees for the right to move back home.

The discrepancy in fees is based on the estimated increase in value of each franchise resulting from its relocation.