Facebook refuses demand for Christian reaction 'emoji'


The Facebook logo is displayed on their website in an illustration photo taken in Bordeaux, France, February 1, 2017.

"So we're celebrating love and diversity this Pride by giving you a special reaction to use during Pride Month", Facebook said in their official announcement about the gay pride emoji, which itself boasts 1.3 million reactions and nearly 60,000 shares.

(Independent) - Facebook has refused to cave in to demands by Christian evangelicals to create a cross "reaction" emoji. Arizona-based evangelist Joshua Feuerstein noticed the plea and lent his support to the "crucifix reaction" campaign, which has so far received over 28,000 likes and nearly 9500 shares on the social network.

Campaigners are particularly incensed at the lack of a Christ-related miniature symbol after a Pride flag was added to the social media giant's pictorial lexicon last month.

The plea for a Christian cross reaction was made by user Hikmat Hanna who posted the image at the top of this story. For many, it also felt like a tribute to the rainbow flag's creator, Gilbert Baker, who died in March.

Facebook's conservative Christian community is dismayed after the management denied its appeal to add the Crucifix reaction button to the platform.

This irked a number of right-wing Christians in the United States who believed they deserved a cross of their own. 'This reaction is not actually available on Facebook, and is not something we're working on, ' they said.

It could be recalled that Feuerstein became popular with his unsuccessful attempt to place an order for a cake that reads 'we don't support gay marriage.' He also shaded Starbucks for their inability to refer to Christmas on the red cups that produced during the season.

They came after Facebook added a rainbow flag reaction button in June, to mark Pride month, allowing users to celebrate and honor the LBGTQ (lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, queer) community. "SHARE THIS and let people know to STOP EATING at McDonalds!" he wrote.