Man convicted of 2nd-degree murder in killing of Baby Doe


A man was convicted Monday of murder in the death of a 2-year-old girl who became known as Baby Doe after her remains washed up on the shore of a Boston Harbor island.

Bond testified against McCarthy in the trial and said he killed her daughter in June 2015 by punching her in the stomach.

Prosecutors alleged in court that Bella was killed in May 2015 after she refused to go to bed, and they said she had endured prolonged abuse.

Michael McCarthy was charged in the 2015 killing of Bella Bond, his girlfriend's daughter.

The disturbing saga began two years ago when an unidentified toddler's partially decomposed body was found in a trash bag off the shoreline of Deer Island in Boston.

Bond pleaded guilty in February to being an accessory after the fact of murder and larceny over $250 by false pretenses for continuing to collect state benefits for Bella after her death. Jurors could also have opted to convict him of involuntary manslaughter or find him not guilty of any of those charges.

McCarthy will be sentenced Thursday to life in prison with the chance of parole in 15 years.

McCarthy gave no visible reaction in court as the verdict was announced Monday morning, reported CBS Boston.

McCarthy's attorney, Jonathan Shapiro, said after the verdict that "there is no justice for Bella Bond", and said there would be an appeal.

She had told some friends that her daughter had been taken by the state, according to witness testimony.

"He said it was her time to die, she was a demon", Bond said.

That night McCarthy injected Bond with heroin in her neck, and later brought her to his auto, she said on the stand.

McCarthy was the boyfriend of Bella's mother, Rachelle Bond. McCarthy's lawyer argued that Rachelle Bond was a "monster" and that the prosecution made a deal with the devil in order to put McCarthy on trial. McCarthy was convicted Monday of sec.

He hit the child so hard that she bounced off the mattress, Bond said.

The child wasn't identified as Bella Bond until three months later, when Rachelle Bond told McCarthy's friend she had seen McCarthy kill the child, and the friend notified police.

Assistant District Attorney Deakin emphasized to the jury that they must not judge McCarthy, Bond and the other individuals involved in the case as a group of addicts.

He said Rachelle Bond created a "web of lies" to blame McCarthy.

The trial included testimony about the girl's short and tragic life.