Lightning-caused fires active in 4 WA counties


The fire is burning between mileposts 4 and 8 on Palisades Road.

Krake said hand and bulldozer crews worked overnight to cut fire lines, but will only be able to engage the fire in some positions, when and where it's safe. Level 2 means to be ready to leave in an instant. With structures at risk, Krake said, officials chose to order a Type-3 incident management team. Firefighters are working to hold the fire west of the highway and north of Colockum Road, officials closed the Alcoa and Malaga Highway at milepost eight.

Lightning strikes sparked several fires Monday afternoon, including the Southerland Canyon fire near Palisades in Douglas County. Level 1 evacuation notices have been issued to about 25 homes in the area. About 100 personnel were using existing roads, builder dozer lines, water drops and natural features to try and limit the fire's spread.

The Spartan fire began as three separate grass fires but converged and swelled quickly on Monday.

Two helicopters and two winged aircraft were busy dropping water on the Alcoa Fire (as its being called by fire officials on-scene).

In Douglas County, five small fires are burning together.

Also in Chelan County, south of Wenatchee, Washington DNR crews are fighting the Spartan fire, which is reported to be about 500 acres as of Monday night.

Level 2 Evacuation Notifications have been given to residents in the Tarpiscan Road; Colockum Road, Kingsbury Road, Moses Carr Road, and Ingersol Road areas. There were lightning storms in the Wenatchee area Monday, she said.