Czech Nuclear Power Plant Used A Bikini Contest To Hire Interns


Czech power conglomerate CEZ couldn't quite narrow down the pool of candidates, so they asked 10 female applicants to don swimwear and pose inside a cooling tower - don't worry, they were sure to make the women, all recent high-school graduates, wear hardhats and closed-toe shoes.

A nuclear power plant in the Czech Republic made its intern search look more like Miss Hawaiian Tropic. and as you'd probably guess someone's in really hot water.

The spokesperson further stated that the girl who receives the highest number of votes from the fans on the Facebook page of the Information Centre Temelin would receive a short internship and according to her preferences, she would do the internship in the press office (if she plans to study journalism) and she would prefer internship in the economy department (if she plans to study economy).

The young woman with the most votes was to be titled "Bouncer of Energy" and given the opportunity to spend two weeks with the company.

The company then apologized for the contest, compared with its previous cultural enrichment programs, such as hosting the Bohemian Philharmonic at the South Bohemian plant. Social media users blamed the power station of giving importance to looks over qualification and knowledge while hiring interns.

"We think photographs are very tasteful". "The combination of beauty and the industrial environment gives an interesting result". "I thought this was the 21st century", one user wrote.

Reacting to the criticism, CEZ apologised via Facebook.

The French designer of the bikini may have named his invention after the atoll in the Marshall Islands where the U.S. detonated nuclear devices in the mid-1940s, but a power plant in the Czech Republic is in trouble after drawing too clear a line linking the explosive power source and two-piece bathing suits.

"But if the original vision raised doubts or concerns, we are very sorry".