China's jailed Nobel Peace laureate granted medical parole


Chinese law forbids any prisoner released on medical parole from traveling overseas, said Liu's lawyer, Mo Shaoping.

Hearing that #LiuXiaobo has been freed but is seriously ill-glad if he is out, but he never should have been in.

A statement released by Marco Rubio, the chairman of the U.S. congressional executive commission on China, said: "I urge President Trump to seek Liu's immediate humanitarian transfer to the United States".

"We call on the Chinese authorities to not only release Mr Liu but also to allow his wife Ms Liu Xia out of house arrest", spokeswoman Mary Beth Polley told AFP. "With the exception of a few relatives, Liu Xiaobo is not able to have contact with anyone in the outside world, including his lawyers", Mo said.

"We have now completed the medical parole process, and he is now receiving treatment in the Shenyang Medical University Hospital in Liaoning", Mo said. According to a rights group, she was diagnosed with depression years after her detention and suffered a heart attack in 2014.

Other activists said Liu's medical parole was not a humanitarian gesture, but rather a cynical attempt by authorities to avoid a backlash for allowing such a well-known rights defender to die behind bars.

It also called on China to show greater tolerance toward Chinese people who use peaceful means to call for political reform and democratic development, instead of violating their basic human rights with threats of indiscriminate lawsuits and heavy sentences. They wrote: "He was, essentially, convicted for exercising his freedom of speech and should never have been sentenced to jail in the first place".

"At a time when China wants to have a greater global role, it is only fitting that it should show humanity and compassion towards a man who has never committed any violent crime, but has dedicated his life to literature and free expression", it said on its website.

The Nobel announcement sparked renewed calls for his release, led by fellow peace laureates and later by then-US President Barack Obama.

Charter 08 was signed by more than 10,000 people, including leading intellectuals, writers and dissidents. What are the terms of his medical parole? "Because in front of Chinese communists, Nazis would be like angels".

Liu is presently serving an 11-year sentence for "inciting subversion of state power". Liu was represented by an empty chair during the awards day.

The Chinese authorities say he is a criminal and have repeatedly jailed him for his protests against their rule.

Liu had been incarcerated at Jinzhou Penitentiary in Liaoning, his home province in northeast China, before being moved to the hospital for treatment. "Why was Liu Xiaobo only released when his cancer was in the terminal stages?" Liu had previously been jailed for two years in the wake of the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests and the subsequent massacre.

In Hong Kong, about 70 supporters of Liu took to the streets to demand his immediate release on Tuesday, chanting slogans denouncing the Chinese government as a "murderer".