Canadian Police Raid Home of Alleged Michigan Airport Attacker


Yesterday, a man with a 12-inch knife allegedly stabbed a police officer at Bishop International Airport in Flint.

David P. Gelios, head of the Detroit FBI, spoke Thursday about the weapons, but declined to give specifics at a downtown Detroit news conference.

The man accused of stabbing a police officer at Flint International Airport in MI appeared in court wearing a face mask, after spitting on a United States marshal.

"We continue to have no information that suggests Ftouhi's attack on Lt. Neville was part of a wider plot, nor do we have any indication he was aided in this incident or had any associates associated to this incident".

He also says investigators believed Ftouhi is a "lone wolf" attacker.

Ftouhi, 49, is accused of stabbing the officer in the neck while shouting "Allahu Akbar" (Allah is great).

Canadian authorities are assisting U.S. authorities by conducting their own investigation on Ftouhi, who resided in Canada.

Ftouhi, who was born in Tunisia and is a Tunisian and Canadian citizen, has lived in Canada for 10 years, according to an audio recording from his appearance in U.S. District Court on Wednesday.

He legally entered the US through NY on June 16.

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions vowed in a statement that Ftouhi will be "prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law".

Ftouhi asked an officer who subdued him why he did not kill him, according to the criminal complaint.

It sliced through the muscles in the officer's neck but likely avoided further damage by "a matter of millimeters", said Dr. Donald Scholten, a trauma surgeon at Hurley Medical Center.

A complaint was filed against Ftouhi Wednesday for "violence at an worldwide airport", but officials noted that there could be more charges in the future.

Audio from Amor Ftouhi's court hearing was released Thursday and indicates the accused has been working on and off as a truck driver and last worked about two weeks ago.

Investigators said they also want to know more about Ftouhi's movements within the U.S. The act is punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

A man described as a quiet and kind, Ftouhi's suspected sinister actions underline how hard it is to pinpoint aspiring terrorists, Deparice-Okomba said. On his Facebook page, Mr. Ftouhi said he worked at Industrielle Alliance, a large Canadian insurance company.

"Lt. Neville got him to stop stabbing him", said Chief Chris Miller of the Bishop Airport Safety Division, who was nearby and able to handcuff Ftouhi.

Neville was "doing very well", airport Director Craig WIlliams said Thursday.

Ftouhi was "a good person" and "never made any trouble", his landlord, Luciano Piazza, told AP.