SC improves to 39th in children's well-being


The health of New Mexico's children improved by other measures. That compares with OH at 22nd in the nation; IL, 25th; MI, 31st; and Kentucky, 39th.

Casey Foundation released its 2017 Kids Count Data Book Tuesday, showing Kansas improved in 12 of the 16 child well-being indicators analyzed.

31st in economic well-being. The number of teenagers statewide who are not working or going to school was 7 percent - 2 percent lower than in 2010.

Among the reasons, is the fact that 71 percent of eighth graders are performing below proficiency in math. And 20th in family and community.

The population of children living in poverty - or living with an income below the official poverty threshold - in Wilson County declined by more than 2 percent from 2014 to 2015. In 2010, 17 percent of Nevada's kids lacked health insurance and now it's down to 8 percent. According to the report, only four percent of OR children are uninsured. "We as a state chose not to do that".

The state ranks tenth in children's health.

The highest ranking the state received among the four categories was 30th in education. "That is what MI legislators should be looking to emulate".

For Kentucky, experts with the Kids Count Data Center say there have been ongoing gains in heath, as well as challenges in economic well-being. Additional, the data found that fewer kids are living in poverty than in the past.

Areas of improvement included reading and math levels, secure employment for parents, insurance for kids, and increasing pursuit of post-seondary education.

While teen pregnancy significantly reduced with 6,000 fewer teen births, there are still almost a million children living in a single parent home. Only three percent of children were without health insurance. Out of every five Texas kids, one child lives in a neighborhood with high poverty and no one in their home has a high school diploma. And we must press forward on reducing poverty while creating opportunity. According to the KIDS COUNT Data Book, Indiana ranks 37th in the nation when it comes to the child and teen death rate, and there's been an increase in the number of homicides and suicides.

An annual report on the well-being of children in North Carolina shows mixed results.

According to the Kids Count report, quality pre-kindergarten programs play a role in preparing children for success.

The report compiled by the Annie E. Casey Foundation is based on 2015 numbers. But when it comes to education, IN ranks 14th IN the nation, and 35th IN the nation when it comes to health.