Patty Jenkins May Have Even More Creative Control in Wonder Woman 2


That figure breaks a significant box office record, as director Patty Jenkins became the first woman to surpass a $100 million domestic total in an opening weekend.

Catherine Hardwicke's Twilight placed third, making $69.6 million, while Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck's animated movie Frozen and 2012's fearless - directed by Brenda Chapman and Mark Andrews - made up the top five with $67.4 million and $66.3 million respectively.

As Doctor Poison was still alive at the end of the movie, it's extremely possible that the villain will return for the next installment of Wonder Woman.

Gadot plays Diana Prince/Wonder Woman in the movie, while Hollywood actor Chris Pine is her ally Steve Trevor.

"While the story was critically tough, she [Gadot] emerged as a real bright spot".

While the film was met with controversy over female-only screenings of the film, Wonder Woman is a film that we cannot only enjoy, but learn something from. "The story will take place in the USA, which I think is right".

On the screen, Wonder Woman took on a war and saved the world. As someone who has watched this movie more than anything else since its release, I can safely say that the joy of it never wears off.

I came to the theater with an open mind and was happily surprised. In fact, it is one of the best comic book movies ever made.

Other details regarding casting and story choices are bound to be scarce for a few more weeks and months until Warner Bros. can finish negotiations with Patty Jenkins and begin the scripting process. I mean, it's attractive and powerful, and also so sad, because he's dead, and also he won't be back for Wonder Woman 2! On top of its already strong box office performance, Wonder Woman is also a great movie.

"Regarding the director's work ethic and passion, Wonder Woman's cinematographer Matt Jensen recently said that "[Patty] is just so energetic and enthusiastic, and often is working out scenes by herself".