China Box Office: 'The Mummy' Takes $52 Million Opening Weekend Win


That's higher than the second weekends of Man of Steel ($41.3 million), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ($51.3 million) and Suicide Squad ($43.5 million), despite all three of those movies having bigger opening weekends. "There's something unique about this character, and there's something special about the movie Patty Jenkins made", he added. Tom Cruise was the poor soul in its wake and had to settle for a second place opening for "The Mummy".

The action thriller, which was directed by Alex Kurtzman and also stars Russell Crowe as Dr. Henry Jekyll, is created to kickstart Universal's new Dark Universe monster film series, but it got off to a slow start in the USA and Canada, earning a disappointing $32.2 million (£25.3 million) to enter the countdown in a distant second place. Meanwhile, the Kate Mara vehicle Megan Leavey managed to earn $3.8 million on just under 2,000 screens, which was good enough for eighth place.

It's on track to gross 141.8 million dollars from 63 overseas markets, lifting its anticipated global take to 174 million dollars, according to studio figures collected by comScore.

The studio is already heavily touting Bride of Frankenstein, which Bill Condon is directing for a February 14, 2019 release.

"The Mummy", which made $32.2 million domestically, even featured a "Dr. Jekyll" played by Russell Crowe, part of an effort to cross-pollinate ambitious franchises linked by an over-arching story.

Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) and Princess Diana (Gal Gadot) team up during World War I in "Wonder Woman".

Executives at Universal insist that the Dark Universe - the studio's answer to Marvel and DC's superhero cinematic universes - does not rest on the success or failure of The Mummy, which was decimated by critics for turning an epic and sometimes campy tale into a modern-day action pic. It might not lift the curse, or save the Dark Universe, but it should give him a chance to crawl out of the tomb-like hole he's now in. It is still scheduled to open in a number of territories in the next few days so numbers are expected to go up albeit not significantly.

"It Comes at Night", $6 million. Falling another 52%, it finished at #4 with $10.7 million.

While "Batman Begins" and the first "Spider-Man" movie were both meant to kick off a series of films, in both cases the movies wait until they've told an intriguing story before setting up a sequel.

Rounding out the top five was Disney's Guardians of the Galaxy Volume Two.