Sniper Elite 4 Dev Announces New Co-Op Third-Person Shooter "Strange Brigade"


Players will explore the world as one of four heroes each with their own weapons, playstyles and superhuman powers.

Most likely, you can still expect Strange Brigade to feature specialty enemies, hordes of foes, and all the other aspects we've come to associate with this particular genre of gaming.

For now, though, gamers will no doubt have to wait and see exactly what Rebellion has planned when it comes to Strange Brigade. It's set in the 1930s and employs the cliffhanger motifs of serial adventure movies around that time. Sniper Elite 4 launched in February and there have been no Zombie Army plans announced for it yet.

Rebellion, the studio behind the Sniper Elite series, has unveiled its latest project for Xbox One: Strange Brigade. Discover fantastic and long-forgotten civilizations steeped in mystery, and stumble upon ancient and unsafe tombs.

"Embark on an exotic safari into DANGER where few dare go and fewer return!"

Set's appearance makes sense, however, as these monsters are apparently being unleashed by an Egyptian witch queen, who looks to be the game's main villain. Rebellion is delighted to present a rip-roaring, third-person 1930's adventure full of peril, mystery and derring-do!

Details on the self-described "rip-roaring" game are now a bit scarce but what we do know is that you will embark on an exotic safari into danger for 1-4 players.