Gov. Andrew Cuomo takes steps to preserve New Yorkers' insurance coverage


Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday made a move to defend NY residents' access to affordable healthcare in the wake of the Republicans' American Health Care Act - and to bar any insurance company from future participation in programs like Medicaid if they withdraw from the state health exchange.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo's administration will install a series of measures to fight the potential repeal of the federal Affordable Care Act, including a preemptive rebuke to insurers looking to back out of the state's insurance marketplace.

Cuomo says other new regulations will safeguard access to reproductive health services and cost-free contraception.

The organization representing the state's health insurance industry, however, said much of what Cuomo announced Monday isn't new.

Additional information about Cuomo's regulations can be found here. "These aggressive actions will make certain that no matter what happens in Congress, the people of NY will not have to worry about losing access to the quality medical care they need and deserve".

The Governor will also direct state agencies and authorities to ban insurers who withdraw from the State Health Marketplace from contracting with the state and to consider all available actions to protect New Yorker's access to quality healthcare.

Other regulations would subject certain policies to the same benchmark plan rules that now apply through the ACA.

"We believe most — if not all — these coverage requirements exist in current law or regulation, so we do not understand the emergency here", said Paul Macielak, president of the New York Health Plan Association. Horner said New York's health insurance may face a battle if more money needs to be appropriated. A major facet of the Affordable Care Act was a redistribution of income, a tax on the richest Americans that helped pay to expand health coverage for the country's poorest, and the authors said their study suggests that any reduction in coverage could be a step backward, in an area where America has been underperforming. For subsequent dispensing of the same contraceptive covered under the same policy or renewal, an insurer must allow coverage for the dispensing of the entire prescribed contraceptive supply, up to 12 months, at the same time.

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