Marchers walk 200 miles protesting for Illinois budget


Pending its passage through the Illinois Senate, after July 2018, the government may pay for students to stay in-state for college.

IL now has an $8.25 minimum.

Governor Bruce Rauner has demanded a permanent freeze.

Republicans and business groups counter that such a high wage would force employers to hire fewer people, or turn to automation - if they can afford it.

Yesterday Democrats in the Illinois Senate gave the governor a two year, conditional property tax freeze to see if he'll change his mind.

Rauner's spokeswoman calls the plan a "phony two-year freeze". So it's really just a matter of removing voter registration requirements as a weapon for voter suppression, and exposing those who just want to make it harder for eligible voters to participate in elections. Major rating agencies, which have pushed IL down the credit scale six times to a level two steps above junk since Rauner took office in January 2015, have signaled more downgrades are possible.

Lawmakers are working to come up with a deal before the legislative session ends tomorrow. You need a permanent increase in the income tax in two years, and property tax relief? Democratic legislators admit the measure is a direct response to President Donald Trump's immigration crackdown, which they say has caused IL communities to "live in fear". "There's no plausible reason Gov. Rauner shouldn't sign it the moment it lands on his desk", state Sen.

Brian Costin is deputy chief of staff to Republican Lt. Gov. Evelyn Sanguinetti (san-gwihn-NEH'-tee).

Marchers contend their proposal would raise $23 billion to finance universal health care and free college tuition and fully fund public schools, social services and infrastructure needs by closing so-called corporate tax loopholes and taxing the wealthy at higher rates.

The Chicago Tribune first reported earlier this month that a major sticking point in the sale and redevelopment of the Thompson Center centered on what zoning upgrades Emanuel's administration and Downtown Ald. But to get to his $300 million estimated price, the governor would need a major zoning change from City Hall to allow at least three times the square footage now allowed, the governor's aides have acknowledged.

House lawmakers voted 61 to 53 Tuesday.

Rauner has pushed for the sale of the 16-story Helmut Jahn-designed building, saying there's roughly $326 million in deferred maintenance as a waste of taxpayer money.

Madigan says Rauner should now focus on resolving the budget impasse.