Half of Trump's Twitter followers are fake bots


Twitter on Tuesday sought to tamper down a theory that went viral in left-leaning circles over the weekend - that President Donald Trump had gained millions of followers - a lot of them being bots - in a matter of days.

According to twitteraudit, half of Trump's followers are fake.

In fact, Trump now has 14.8 million fake followers, according to Twitteraudit.com. This score is based on the number of tweets, date of the last tweet and ratio of followers to friends.

Trump's legion of fake followers has grown astronomically over the past year. In January, a journalist found that only 68 percent of Trump's 20 million followers were real. @UNICEF is the second-most followed global organization andThe New York Times (@NYTimes) is the most followed news organization.

After Donald Trump saw massive spike in Twitter followers over the weekend combined with multiple reports that he was actively blocking others, some folks were left scratching their heads.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the only politician other than President Donald Trump who is among the 50 most followed people on Twitter.

Commenting on social media's role in accountability and forecasting worldwide relations, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey spoke on the Today Show, where he said it is important that he hears directly from the leaders, adding that it's important to hold them accountable. In order to push back on mainstream media, Trump's war room team may be using the additional bot followers to trick the Twitter algorithm into trending/promoting Trump's messages. The next time a person makes an appearance on the unaudited list is at the thirteenth place, and that is soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, with a total of 52.7 million followers.

A spokesman for Twitter, however, told BuzzFeed this was not true, and a comparison between Trump's current personal Twitter profile and an archived version of the page shows it has only increased by about 300,000 in the past few days. So what happened? Why is so much of Trump's Twitter following coming from seemingly fake accounts? Of those Twitter accounts that follow former president Obama, 79 percent are real accounts.

A more recent audit in January 2017 estimated that 32% of his followers were fake.

"It's kind of the doping of the Twitter universe if you will", Dessi said.