Ban on sale of cattle for slaughter stayed


"The court ruled that the order be put in abeyance for four weeks and asked the central and state governments to reply to the petition filed by my client", Ajmal Khan, a lawyer for the petitioners, told AFP. The court observed that people scout for protest before reading the notification.

Last week, the ministry of environment notified the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Regulation of Livestock Markets) Rules 2017, tightening trade in livestock and transport of cattle to ensure their welfare at animal markets and also prevent smuggling.

Mr Vijayan said the state government can not accept the new regulations.

Meanwhile, the Rajasthan High Court directed the state government to coordinate with the Centre and take necessary steps to declare cow as a national animal.

Objecting Centre's decision, the Madras High Court on Tuesday granted a four-week stay on the ban of the sale of cattle meant for slaughter.

Ever since the notification of the modified rules, there have been widespread protests against the new norms in various states, especially Kerala.

The Left party also claimed that the notification was the "contempt" of the Supreme Court's (SC's) stay on the Himachal Pradesh High Court's order for a national ban on cow slaughter. Those who arrived in the market to sell their old cattle to slaughters did not see any buyer and went without any business.

Earlier in the day, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that he will call for a meeting of all the Chief Ministers, asserting that the Union Government does not have the right to issue such an order.

"We have received some representations over the list of animals included (in the new cattle slaughter rules)".

"The prime focus of the regulation is to protect the animals from cruelty and not to regulate the existing trade in cattle for slaughter houses". Speaking with reporters here, the Chief Minister said a special Cabinet meeting would be held on Thursday to chalk out strategies on the issue.

They said the rules, which deprived the people of the right to sell or purchase any animal for sale or slaughter as part of meat vending business, were a burdensome interference in the freedom of trade and business guaranteed under the Constitution. The way the central government is encroaching on our powers, they are destroying federal structure, it's unconstitutional and unethical.